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The Timeline
July 07, 2018 Emily Nestor
Mile Marker 181

The Timeline

July 07, 2018

Emily Nestor

In this episode, I'll go over the timeline of November 18th, and 19th to you in great detail. What happened in the hours before Jaleayah's death? Music: Flowing Bells by Daniel Birch It's a Mystery by Lee Rosevere
In this episode, I'll go over the timeline of November 18th, and 19th to you in great detail. What happened in the hours before Jaleayah's death? Music: Flowing Bells by Daniel Birch It's a Mystery by Lee Rosevere

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:02Mile Marker one 81 is a true crime podcast and may contain discussion of graphic or disturbing details. Listener discretion is advised. Hi there and welcome back to mile marker one 81. I'm your host, emily. I think it's time that I tell you a little bit about myself. I don't plan on doing this often. It's important. I try not to insert my own personal opinions into this story or tell you too much about myself. Aside from what's relevant. You already know I'm from Parkersburg. I grew up with just 10 miles from the one 81. I graduated the same year as Giulia though from a different school. She and I are only a month apart in age. As for why I got into true crime. Here's the story. When I was about 13, I was totally obsessed with two things. One, silence of the lambs and to law and order Svu.

Speaker 1:0:52I cannot tell you how many times I watched silence of the lambs. Even reading the book in Seventh Grade, I was too young to realize that the character of clarice starling spoke to me so much because she was a strong female inside of a boy's club bonus points because the characters also from us, Virginia, as far as Svu goes, I was just constantly watching and thought Mariska Hargitay was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I took pictures of her shorter haircuts into a hair appointment with me and chopped off tons of long blonde hair. I didn't realize that I was going to simultaneously quote, solve a crime and be the victim of one. That year we had a new student from China at school, so I went to the public library a few blocks from my house to check out a book on Chinese. By the way, this interest has never faded either.

Speaker 1:1:40I moved to Germany at 19 to work as a nanny because I wanted to learn German on the way to the library. I noticed a man absolutely just staring at me out of the window of his truck. As he drove past inside the library, I was in an isolated corner of the children's section. When I notice someone's standing about 10 feet away staring, I looked over to see the same man that was in the truck. Only this time he was exposing himself to me ironically, and front of the entire collection of hardy boys and Nancy drew, you can't make this stuff up. I pretended I hadn't even noticed his anatomy and went to the library and I think she could tell from my face that something wasn't right and shut the door. I told her what had happened. She immediately dialed the police maybe because I didn't visibly react to this guy exposing himself and just kind of stalled and walked away calmly or maybe because this guy was a sick freak, but he hadn't even left.

Speaker 1:2:40He was at the library with his son who was probably a couple rows of books away while his dad was flashing little girls. The police got there before he left and I don't remember much of what happened after that, but I know later that night I had to go to the Parkersburg police department and speak with a detective. I had to pick this guy out of a book of mugshots and did it immediately. The detective asked me how I knew. I was sure that that was the same man and I said, matter of faculty, well, he is still wearing the exact same shirt in the picture. I remember the detective kind of chuckling. That same detective as mentioned Angelina's Julia's case file. Like I told you one degree of separation. It turns out that this man had exposed himself to two eight year old girls just two weeks before that, but being only eight, they both panicked and didn't tell their parents until much later that night when it was too late to do much in terms of finding the guy.

Speaker 1:3:36The parents had reported it to the library and police, so the library was aware and that's probably why the librarian knew what the situation was. When I walked up to her two weeks later, I was 13, but looked probably about eight since I've always looked about five years younger than I am. I think he just assumed that was a good target and had no idea. He was dealing with a 13 year old who idolized Mariska Hargitay and wanted to work as a criminal profiler. Eventually he pled guilty, received what I think was only a misdemeanor. A couple of years later it came out that he was molesting his own daughter. He died two years ago probably to no one's disappointment. I'd publicly broadcast his name, but his daughter doesn't need that anyways, at 13, I thought that I was a bad ass because I had nailed this guy to the wall, so it's no wonder I'm into true crime as an adult.

Speaker 1:4:31I was living in Germany when Giulia was killed and it always stuck with me. I followed the justice for Giulia page, checking on it from time to time. I want to be perfectly transparent with you. I'm not in law enforcement. I don't have a degree in journalism and I'm not an expert in physics. I record research and produce all of this myself along with working a full time job. I'm doing this because I'm a member of this particular community and I know how to speak with other locals. I learned how to speak to people by taking orders of chicken Parmesan at olive garden and being yelled at by drunks at an all night diner while I served them Greasy Hash browns because I have a local face that people can trust and I won't give away anyone's identity without their permission because this is a local. I have enough knowledge of the area to know that something about this just isn't right because this case needs as much publicity as possible, so if you're listening because you want a beautifully produced podcast with perfect grammar and expert opinions from your host, you're here for the wrong reasons. The same goes for facts. If you're hoping I can prove this was a murder or that I'm going to somehow pull facts out of thin air. I'm sorry, my obligation is to the truth, whatever that may be. This podcast exists because of and for Julia.

Speaker 1:6:14Last time I left you with two pieces of information, one that kristen declined to speak to the sheriff's department until obtaining legal counsel, and two, that she was seen out at dinner later on the day of Julius Death, eating at the restaurant where Julia's mother Kim works. I don't want to lead a massive witch hunt, so please. No, that's not my intention. As I just said, my obligation is to the truth first and foremost, and never knew Julia. I only know Kim because of this project. I don't know any other people that were out with Julia that night. Aside from seeing them in the halls at high school, I've never had a conversation with them. I'm a pretty unbiased third party to this whole thing. I'm not implying that obtaining legal counsel before questioning make someone guilty of a crime that is absolutely 100 percent. You're right. As a citizen of the United States, I'm not even saying that going out to eat at the police were Kim Davis works. Later on in the day her daughter was killed. Make someone guilty of a crime. I'm just stating the facts as they are. I can't help but they appear to be suspicious to the average person.

Speaker 2:7:23This episode, I'm going to guide you through the rest of the timeline. Speaking of timelines in the files obtained through Foya, remember that's the freedom of Information Act. There were two different timelines included. They're both called investigation timelines, and even though they both came from the sheriff's office, they're actually slightly different from one another. One includes small details, the other doesn't, and there may be some small differences in time from one to the other. Oh, and the calls from Julia to Tabi are listed with the wrong times when outlining everything for the first episode, I finally got so annoyed with these timelines that I ended up just typing out my own. For example, the time Julio had left her house for Kristen's on the evening of the 18th, that was wrong in the sheriff's department's timeline. This was a simple to figure out as looking at her text messages to Kristin, they have her listed as leaving at 5:00 PM when her texts to kristen proves she hadn't left until at least six PM.

Speaker 2:8:27I'm not implying that that's crucial information. What time she left her house for Christians is actually irrelevant. My concern is just the lack of attention to detail. Figuring out that time was as simple as looking at a time stamp for a text message. So what else did they get wrong? They had phone call times listed wrong. They had a time stamp for a very, very important video listed wrong, and of the times they list for other events. No matter how crucial those events actually are, aren't accurate either. Rather than use the investigation timeline for this episode, I'm actually going to use the timeline that I organized. Not to sound too full of myself. I think it's a little more accurate. I have no dog in this fight, so I have nothing to gain from changing the timeline to suit a particular story or particular alibi on November 18th, the day before her death, Giulia gets a text from a guy named Chris.

Speaker 2:9:29Just the normal. Hey, hey, what's up with you? I'm really bored. Giulia asks if he's still in Morgan town. He says he's not and says they should hang out later, and what are you doing tonight? They both say they don't have plans and Chris says she'd better get ahold of him later. Kind of a mildly flirty, exchanged. Nothing serious. About an hour after that, Kristen Beck told texts. Giulia asking her what she's doing that night. Julia says she doesn't have plans. Christian responds, I think people are going over to Nicole's to drink. Then go out. You should come with us. Julio agrees and says she wants to get out of the house. She says she needs to eat and shower, but she'll get a hold of Christian after Christian says, come shower and eat with me. I have to do both. I'm leaving the gym now. Giulia responds back.

Speaker 2:10:20All right. I have to get my stuff together. Then I'll be over at 5:35. Kristen text again and asks, what do you want for dinner? Julia says she has no idea. She's having trouble figuring out what to wear that night and it's getting on her nerves. Christian replies, lol. You look cutin anything quit. Giulia says she just doesn't have stuff to go out to the bar and when it's cold and ask Kristin if she thinks it's too cold to wear a tank top Kristin insist everyone will be wearing the same thing and tells Giulia she's getting in the shower at six, 19 Christian texts. Giulia, yet again with where are you? Giulia texts back almost there and kristen tells her that she's in the shower. The front door's unlocked. Just lock it when she comes in and tells Julia to put the cookies on top of the stove and the oven.

Speaker 2:11:09Not An unusual conversation really aside from kristen checking in with Giulia several times over the course of an hour, but it proves that it's 6:19 Giulia still wasn't at Christian's house, which is the first mistake in the investigation timeline. We can only assume the usual stuff went on. They ate some cookies, showered and put makeup on, got ready to go out, which probably included pregaming at Kristen's based on some statements later that imply Kristin and Julia had already been drinking when they arrived at another person's house at approximately 9:30. Kristen and Giulia arrive at Brian's house. Remember, this wasn't the original plan. According to Christian, they were supposed to go out and drink at a girl named house. This is potentially important. Later, so they arrive at Brian's house. According to Brian, he hadn't met Julian until that night, but he did know kristen bechtold more accurately.

Speaker 2:12:06He knows Christian's brother. He played junior high football with him. Brian also knew Freddie Scott and assumes that's why the girls appeared at his house that Freddy headed, invited them. Brian claims he didn't know Christian particularly well. Didn't know Julie at all and didn't expect them to turn up at his house. This was the first weekend of Thanksgiving break, so a lot of local kids would have been coming back into town that day. Brian's plans were to have some of his high school friends who were in town, come over and drink beer and watch football. Then go out to a bar at 9:46 Jalea texts. Tabi Casey's baby. Daddy is so cute. If that girl doesn't grow up to be adorable, I'll be surprised. Let me clarify by Casey's baby daddy. Giulia was referring to Freddy Scott. This was the first thing after Julie is death that placed Freddy with Giulia.

Speaker 2:12:57That night, Julius Texted Tabi that implied Julie had seen Freddie. This is supposedly the first time that Julia had ever met Freddy. According to Freddy and everything else I've read through at approximately 10:30 Freddy, Kristin Giulia and a friend of Freddy's named Jordan pickup, Katie Nelson at hardy's. Remember Katie from the first episode, she made a statement at the sheriff's office after being urged by her parents. Well, this is that same Katie. It's also possible but not totally clear based on statements that they may have made a stop at a local liquor store before or after picking up Katie at Hardee's. According to Brian and pictures on Julia's phone, they all went back to Brian's house where Katie went to change and also get ready to go out to the bar. Everything you'll hear me speak about after this point happened after midnight, which would make it Saturday, November 19th.

Speaker 2:13:54The Day Giulia dies at 12:47 AM toppy texts. Giulia about a commercial with no response. Somewhere between 1230 and 1:00 AM. Freddy Jordan, Kristin, Katie, and Giulia all leave. Delete his car at Brian's and ride together in Freddy's car to a bar in Parkersburg called the Nipun q or the nip at two. Oh, one. There's a call to nine slash 11 from a girl named Nicole. Remember her. This is the same Nicole who kristen had spoken of earlier. Nicole wooten calls from the Nipun q about a girl trying to fight her. I really wish I could tell you more about this, but I do know that she made that nine slash 11 call. I've seen the transcript and the address she gives matches the bar. Spoiler alert. Nicola later denied knowing anything about this at some point while they're at the NYP, Kristen says she lost her phone. There are several placed to Christian's phone from Julia's so we can assume that's what those calls were.

Speaker 2:14:57An attempt to find Kristin's phone at approximately 3:00 AM. Freddy, Kristen, Katie, Angelina, all leave the NYP and q to head back to Brian's. According to several statements, Jordan didn't leave with them because he'd met a girl at the bar that night and left with her from the parking lot. At this point, it's possible according to some stories that the group Giulia was with stops at Freddy's apartment on market street to unlock the door for a friend. However, according to Freddy statement, this differs. A Little Freddy says this happened after dropping Julia off at her car at three. Oh, five Giulia texts Chris and says, you're lame for not leaving with her. Oh yeah. This is the same Chris's earlier in the day. He's more important than you might have originally thought. Apparently at some point, Chris had shown up with his own friends at the Nipun q as well. There were several phone calls between Julia and Chris while they both would have been in the bar.

Speaker 2:15:55Giulia was also seen dancing with a white male a lot that night. According to Freddy at three Nineteen Giulia text, Chris again and says, been wanting to chill with you kid. Then from three, 20 to three slash 23, Giulia speaks to a friend, brandon on the phone. Brandon himself, places Kristin with Julia at the time of this three slash 22, three slash 23 phone call as he overhears Kristin in the background while on the phone. Things will get familiar here at 3:28 July calls Tabi and asks her to meet her at the BP at the end of Rosemont road. She's definitely with Kristin at this point as toby. Here's Giulia telling Kristen, give me my keys during this phone call. Giulia is also calling Kristin a bad friend and a bitch on the same call. This next bit of the timeline is very important and I really, really want you to keep this in mind at 3:30 to freddy.

Speaker 2:16:57Scott is on video pulling out of the Mcdonald's drive through with two passengers in his car. The video is very dark. I've seen it, but you can make out the shape of two other people in the car, one in the passenger seat and one behind Freddie in the backseat. He had placed an order, paid and received the order and a scene leaving at 3:30. Two am on the timestamp of the McDonald's surveillance video. At 3:33 Giulia Calls Tabi back to confirm that toby's on her way. Giulia changes the meeting place from the end of Rosemont to the welcome center and Williamstown. Giulia doesn't confirm that she's alone during this call, but it's quiet in the background. Giulia begins crying on this call at 3:36. There's one final outgoing call from Julia's phone to Tabi. The call was 26 seconds long and was missed at 3:42. The first nine slash 11 call comes in about the car against the guard rail with no mention of a body.

Speaker 2:18:02Five minutes later at 3:48, tom places his nine slash 11 call and confirms there's a body in the passing lane of I. Seventy seven north. Deputy Shad arrived sometime after this at 3:50 tabi calls Kristen bechtold with no answer. She tries again three minutes later at 3:53 and makes contact. They speak for 70 seconds. We can assume this call is because Julia had failed to show up at the meeting spot and tobby called Kristin to find out Giulias whereabouts at 3:58. Charleston control is advised by law enforcement that I 77 northbound is shut down at mile marker one 81 four. Oh, three. Kristin repeatedly makes calls to Tabi, which Tabi doesn't answer Chris and makes these unanswered calls for five consecutive minutes at four. Oh, eight. A request is made by law enforcement that the fire department posts south of the one 81 mile marker to get the northbound traffic that is backed up, headed back south bound at four.

Speaker 2:19:09Oh, nine. A call is made by law enforcement to a victim advocate and shortly after to Jason Wharton, the prosecuting attorney, but no contact is made a minute later, Jason Wharton cell phone is also tried again with no contact, but a messages left at 4:48 AM. The division of highways is enroute to close the interstate at the Emerson Avenue exit. This is the exit directly before the scene at 5:50. One am deputy deem advises that the interstate will not reopen anytime soon. Seven, 30 5:00 AM deputy diem and detective white arrive at the bechtold house to speak with kristen. They knock and ring the doorbell with no answer. After 13 minutes on the property, they cleared the home at 7:48, two hours later at 9:51 AM kristen calls Tabi three times in a row with no answer. Eleven 40 5:00 AM. Kristen Calls Tabi another three times in a row with no answer.

Speaker 2:20:11Kristen, new Giulia had been in some sort of accident because toby had spoken to kristen very briefly after pulling up to the scene and seeing Julia's body in the road. Why didn't she just answer the door to the sheriff's department when they came knocking? I'll never understand if I believed my friend who I had just been with was injured or dead. I would want to know immediately what had happened. Who better than to tell you what had happened? Then the sheriff's department, according to her own alibi, Kristin was in her house when they came knocking at 7:35. According to her own alibi. She was sober by

Speaker 1:20:48the time she got home, so it wasn't like she was literally passed out after a night of drinking. And what about the fact that she was the granddaughter of the former sheriff? I can understand that not everyone trusts law enforcement and wouldn't want to open their door to them, but as the former sheriff's granddaughter, what reason do you have to fear a deputy and a detective? Don't you think they might have some

Speaker 2:21:13news you'd want to hear? I mentioned in the first episode that Katie Nelson came in the day of the 19th to give a statement. This is that statement I got picked up by Kristen Beck, told Freddy Scott, Julia Davis and Jordan Campbell around 10:30 at hardee's on seventh street. From there we all went to Brian's on

Speaker 2:21:36avenue. We left Brian's at about 1:00. It was just me, Kristin Giulia, Freddy and Jordan. We went to the NYP and q and stayed till it closed at 3:00 AM. Then me and Kristin Giulia and Freddie all left together. We drove to Freddy's apartment to unlock the door for Jordan and then went back to Brian's to get Julia's car. I got out of Freddy's car and sat in the backseat of his car because I thought we were leaving, but Kristin and Julio weren't getting out of the car, so I got out and asked Kristin what we were doing. She said she couldn't find her house key and kept asking Julia where it was and Julia said she didn't know and eventually got out of the car. Kristen told me to get in Freddy's cart and that he was going to take us home to Christians. Then me, Kristin and Freddie went through traffic circle, Mcdonald's and he dropped us off at Christian's house. Me and kristen went upstairs to her room and tobby and kristen were talking on the phone and then toby told Kristin Julia had been in an accident but she wouldn't tell us what had happened. She just kept hanging up the phone. Then around four, 15, four, 20, my ride came and picked me up from Kristen's house and I went with him. Then woke up this morning and her Julia had died.

Speaker 2:22:55Katie is never actually interviewed. She just gives her written statement. So Katie says she has dropped off with kristen at Christian's house by Freddie and her ride picks her up at 4:15 to four slash 20. If you want to place any bets on who that right is, now's your chance. Let me read you a part of a statement given to the sheriff's office on the 19th. I'll let you know who it's from afterwards. Camille Waldron. Okay. Then did you have any conversation with her after you left the NYP and q? I'm not really. She texted me a couple times and I didn't text her back. I a kitty Nelson is my ex for a long time and we ended. I ended up getting her from Kristen's house like four in the morning. Three 30. Camille? Oh, you picked Katie up?

Speaker 3:23:52Yeah.

Speaker 2:23:53Camille, what did Giulia text you? Um, she texted me something like she said three. Oh five. She texted me. Lame. She said don't try and show with me and Katie at the same time. That is lame. And then at three, 19 she said, I have been wanting to chill with you kid. That's right. The Chris that Julia had been flirting and texting with is the same Chris that dated Katie Nelson on and off and claims to have ended up picking Katie up from Christine's. I'm not sure what the term I'm looking for is, but the best that comes to mind immediately is love triangle intro music is flowing bells by Daniel Birch. Also featured this episode is it's a mystery by Lee sphere. I want to thank everybody for listening and don't forget to subscribe and we will see you next time on mile marker one 81.

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